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Week One Fics

Aug 7

Art: It’s Real For Us [Gen]

Title: It’s Real For Us
Artists: lilyhbp
Characters: Lily Evans, Severus Snape
Pairings: Gen
SFW/NSFW: Safe for Work
Medium: Digital art, Painting & Airbrushing
Warnings: None

Why You Should View This: This bit of art is absolutely gorgeous. I’m not usually a fan of anything Snape, but I cannot help but adore this piece. Not only does it depict one of my favourite scenes from The Prince’s Tale, but the artist manages to give the scene a different kind of magic. It has a simply enchanting, dream-like quality.


It’s Real For Us at deviantart

Aug 5

Your blog is flawless, just saying. I think I'm in heaven. Anyway, do you know by any chance any good time travel fic involving marauders, I've read a few, but they're always hard to find.


Oh, thanks! We’re glad people are liking it.

I haven’t come across any, but if we find some, we’ll definitely post them!

Fic: No Angel [James/Lily]

Title: No Angel
Author: Maria Theresa
Characters:Lily (Evans) Potter, James Potter
Pairings: James/Lily
Rating: R/soft-NC-17
Wordcount: 3,500 
Warnings: Excessive overuse of the pronoun “She.” You’ve been warned(Editor’s Additional Warnings: Hard topics - deals with fuzzy morals and the ethics of killing in war)
Summary: After she’s forced to kill someone during an Order mission, Lily isn’t sure who she is anymore and James helps her remember. She feels empty inside…nothing at all like the rush of fierce, feral, vicious hate that had coursed through her veins…

Why You Should Read This: This fic is written beautifully and believably. It is deep, emotional, and thought provoking all at once. The author isn’t afraid to explore the aftermath of difficult situations: does killing the enemy (a Death Eater) make you a bad person? What does it mean to be a good person in war? A truly top-notch piece.


She can’t remember saying the words. She can’t even remember thinking them.

Avada Kedavra.

She remembers the way they all treated her at Headquarters, like she was some kind of fragile doll who couldn’t deal with the reality of war. With her face pale, vague nausea threatening to sweep her away, her fingers still trembling, her body icy cold, she wonders if she is just fooling herself about all of this. Was she really made for this? Being feisty and playing the tough girl only gets her so far. But this is war. And war makes murderers of the innocent. Murderer. She is a murderer.

Lily lets out a deep breath and turns over onto her side.


No Angel at Fanfiction dot Net

Rec Wednesdays at FYeah-Marauder Recs

It’s Wednesday, which means we’re kicking off our first ever “Rec Wednesday” at FYeah-Marauder Recs. Know of any fabulous Marauder-centric fics that don’t get nearly enough love? Leave us the url in our Ask Box and we’ll check it out! 

Similarly, do you have a character/pairing that you’d like to see some recs for? Looking for more AU or maybe some angst? Leave us a request in the Ask Box with some details, and we’ll try to help you out! 

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